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Bloggers are going into space for free:) - BadgerChatter
More badgerspam than you'll effer want!
Bloggers are going into space for free:)

Most of us will never go to space - at least, not for a decade or so. But while we may not be able to go on a space walk or bounce around in zero-G, the prospect of being able to send something into the Great Beyond sounds like a decent consolation.

IntoSpace.org is hoping to make that happen for a mere $2.

The site is offering a deal that is reminiscent of the Million Dollar Homepage. You pay $2 for the rights to a 0.4×0.4 inch block on a piece of paper, on which you can include a photograph, piece of text, or logo. If you purchase more than 20 blocks at once, you’re eligible for a small discount. There are around 250,000 blocks available, which means IntoSpace could potentially earn around $500,000.
original article on techcrunch

There’s a special offer for bloggers: you tell your readers about the project and go with us into space for free. Bloggers are going into space for FREE in a separate rocket (1000 seats)!

Project's website - http://intospace.org
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