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More badgerspam than you'll effer want!

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BadgerSPAM 'n shtuff goes here! News articles, quizes, fun links, games, pictures, polls (link to the paid journal they are in)...you get the picture.

A few rules here: LJ CUT IS YOUR FRIEND. Use it!

Also, Do NOT post quiz results with graphic images in them (nekkid girls, etc) unless you put it behind a properly labeled LJ-cut. Say something like "Not safe for work!".

And finally, what can and cannot be posted changes based on votes from all members, as needed and given by management.

Okay kids, run and play now! :)

Wait. Come back, got anudder one!

Don't let this happen to you. Do not bring get rich quick pyramid schemes to our beautiful community. That's not fun to read during the work day or any other time, and you know it.

Along the same lines, do *NOT* use Badgerchatter to try to get your free iPod, video game console, or anything else that requires you to get other people to sign up for it. It's OK to say "Hey! Amazon.com is having a really great deal on (some item), you guys might want to check it out!" but do not sell or attempt to personally profit off of something you post here.

Also, please be careful NOT TO POST REPEATED MATERIAL! I understand it happens (hell, even the community creator does it) but we can all help avoid this by labeling our links with a good description of what is behind them...and just skimming the 20 last posts of the comm before posting something. Repeated posts will be deleted. Thanks gang!

K, all done. :D

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